Complete Challenges to Get Gems in GodFinger 2 iPhone

Playing in GodFinger 2 will allow you to have godlike powers, where you can raise a civilization of followers by fulfilling your followers requests.

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Specifically, this game is categorized into a resource management game where you will usually build bigger and better villages, develop more advanced technology and resources and trying to keep your followers happy.

Always farm resources to make some items.
In the beginning of the game, you need to grow wheat to make flour, so that you can make bread to feed your followers.

Besides, you may need to make your followers busy by farming a supply of wheat to have a supply of flour or chicken feed.

Stocking up different resources will provide you some different items while freeing up your followers to take on newer, in which you may need to give them more exciting tasks

Meanwhile, your fields may stop producing after 20 harvests
Therefore, you may have to get a regular supply of crops to create items for your worshippers
And, you may need to make a setting for a minion to construct the building in the last task before logging out the game

For such reasons, after logging in the game again, you will have the new building ready and waiting for you.

Consider to answer your prayers based on their own individual life and individual needs such as bread or wood, or some sort of other useful item.

By answering their requests, you will keep them happy and loyal
Moreover, you may be rewarded with gems, the premium currency of this game
Plus, doing so will make some easy coins as well, so that you can build new structures with them.

If you play this game in daily basis, you will be able to get some gift boxes containing a gold coin prize which usually come up every few hours
Thus, every time you log in the game always check this reward in the bottom left corner of your screen which will grant you gold coins for free.

When building your community, try to redesign your world and keep fields together, in that you will be able to use of your rain spell.

The rain takes less than a single charge to water one field
In line with this, you may need to press your finger down so make the clouds keep dripping the water until you lift it again.

Planting trees will make nice decorations for your worshippers
Besides, you will need the wood to fulfill the prayers of your minions and to build new factories.

Sometimes, you may need to move worshippers on multiple levels around from time to time to keep them interacted with each other
You will get extra worship points if they bump into each other and start gabbing

On the other side, getting the right minion for the right job will really help you
In accordance with this, make sure to firstly check their profile to see which job they fit their style

As said earlier, gems or diamonds are the premium currency of this game
To get them for free and easy, all you will do is to watch the promotional video

Anyway, if you visit your friends, you will get extra rewards which my be in form of coins and gems
And, if you post updates from your worshippers you will get you extra points

Additionally, completing challenges will grant you gems or gold coins as reward
At this point,make sure to tap the red dots in one of the menus to see new challenges coming up.

In addition, just stay focusing on your production and try fulfilling as many active prayers to level up your character fast and smooth


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