Complete Challenges to Get Gems in Candy Blast Mania Valentines iPhone

As you have seen now, some matching three games have been so famous played on ios and android platforms
TeamLava has a big franchise of Candy Blast Mania game in which this game has some series and it may still have more in development

candy blast mania valentine walkthrough ios android

After launching Candy Blast Mania Christmas few month ago, the developer has now presented the newest series of Candy Blast Mania game, called Candy Blast Mania Valentines

In this new game of TeamLava, you can start with creating the sweet spot for bigger matches
Here, special spaces will be created when matching more than 3 candies at one time.

In line with this, there are three different special spaces, including the sweet spot that you can make by matching 4 candies in a row.
Matching those candies will leave behind a green space with white space on it.

Then, if you can match any kind of combination on top of the space, you will find all candies of one type still need to be collected by 1.
As an illustration, if you want to collect red candies, you will get the sweet spot powered up all red candies on the board to +1.

On the other side, you can use the sugar blast in order to get more space in which you can do it by matching 5 candies in a +, T, or L shape.
You will get this red special space shot out a beam horizontally and vertically when it is activated, which will match all candies in the way.
Doing this will clear out space or when you have to reach a specific area of candies
Always be sure not to have any immediate matches possible.

Furthermore, going for the almighty candy scoop spaces will get you to match 5 candies in a row.
When they are activated, the candy scoop will collect all candies of one type.
The matched candy on top of the space is the type of candy that will clear out.
As an illustration, if you want to match a blue candy on top of the candy scoop space, all blue candies on the board will get matched at a time.

Meanwhile, you will go through some levels where you will have to accomplish level 13 in order to unlock the valentines region
Anyway, before doing the valentine themed levels, make sure to reach at least level 13 in that stage.
For such reasons, you have to make your way through the previous levels to enjoy the levels as soon as possible

In addition, this game will offer some valuable rewards that you can get by completing some challenges
In related to these rewards, just tapping on the key icon at the top left to access the challenges menu where you will be tasked to complete on certain levels.

Occasionally, you will be assigned to complete a level with a certain amount of stars.
Also, completing these challenges will earn you a key
Next, if you have got 5 keys, you will be allowed to open the chest that will contain some sweet rewards, in form of gems and boosts.
Thus, always try that out to get some gems for free


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