Complete Challenge to Gain Points and Coins in Six! iPhone

Gram Games has Six! as a challenging, exciting, and even infuriating game, which bring a puzzle genre for the ios and android users

six gram game walkthrough ios android

This game will get you to solve a tower of blocks of various shapes sitting another hexagonal block.
Here, you must move the hexagon down the screen to gain points as high as you can.

In order to do that action, you will then tap the different blocks and remove as many pieces of the block tower as you can without dropping the hexagon off of the side of the tower.

Every time, you can do that action well, you will be rewarded with five points
When performing your action, you will need to drop pieces in backwards order, from lower to higher, in which it will drop them quickly so as not to tip over the top pieces.

In line with this, you will also coins by dropping past a certain point on the tower
Plus, if you want to get more coins, you can watch the advertisement video offers from the developer

With coins, you can purchase some new hexagons which will change the look.
If you get the expensive one, it typically has more patterns or designs inside of them.

On the other side, you may have to complete the challenges, where you should drop the hexagon in a specific distance which will give you three stars in the level.

In this challenges levels, all of the blocks will be in the same locations
And, every numbered stage will have different block sizes and locations, which will be more challenged to solve for points and coins

In addition, you may be able to drop the hexagon a semi-reasonable distance where all you will do is to tap mashing directly underneath the hexagon.

At this point, you will clear out random blocks and make it a pretty reasonable distance
Anyway, you may need to try stopping to clear out side blocks getting in the way of your hexagon for points.


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