Complete Award Challenge to Get More Key Coins in Subway Surfers iPhone

Kiloo has an exciting new endless runner game called Subway Surfers.
Here, you will merely jump over trains, slide under barricades and more actions while trying to avoid the grumpy Inspector and his pesky dog inspecting the trains

subway surfers walkthrough ios android

When playing this game for the first time, you must try to complete the missions and the daily challenges
These missions will often get you to collect some coins, jump a number of times, and so on.
Once completing them, you will be rewarded with boosts and power ups that will be handy to complete the next missions.

Taking part in daily challenges will also be worth, since you are rewarded with a nice amount of coins. Thus, just manage them consecutively to get the coin bonus even bigger

While doing your action, you will be on top of the trains that are actually moving towards you
You will often dodge moving trains left and right then try not to get trapped by multiple trains.

Always stay on top of the trains for as long as you can while watching what is coming ahead, and focus on a moderate amount of coins or a power up along the way.

When performing your actions on the trains, you will be equipped with the hoverboard or a shield that you can activate by double-tapping.
These hoverboards only last for a limited amount of time
And, if you take a hit you will immediately lose it, but you will keep on running

If you are about to go into dangerous territory, just activate a hoverboard.
You can get there hoverboards a pack of 3 of them for 300 coins.

Besides, you can also be prompted to get some keys
For such reasons, you will have to complete the Awards to get them

Awards here can be said as achievements in that they will be worth a certain amount of keys
Therefore, you should try to do as many as possible.
With more key, you will be able to unlock things in the store
Here, awards will be the only way to get those keys besides watching a daily advertisement video

Always remember to save up your coins for boosts and power up upgrades as the main priority
Then, if you have any coins left you can use them to unlock more new characters in this game.


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