Complete Achievements to Get Diamond Card in Elsword Evolution iPhone

Elsword: Evolution is made by tsoi yau man in which this game seems to be adapted from the most popular action Anime RPG from PC to mobile platforms, the ios and android

elsword evolution walkthrough ios android

In the beginning of the game, you will choose one of three heroes then go through some levels to battle with hundreds of dangerous enemies using your powerful abilities along with special effects
At the same time, you will also have to build your hero using mystical equipment

Later on, you must complete quests to get a mountain of treasure, gear and accessories on your quest which will lead you to be the most powerful hero ever

When collecting equipment, you may get the same type of equipment, where you can equip one of the pieces, then use the extra pieces to power up the base gear.
For further, just refine your favorites equipment to make your hero very powerful

In daily basis, you will sometimes be served with a bunch of rewards available on the rewards menu.
At this point, those rewards are categorized into five different categories.

To grab those rewards, always check to see what is needed to fulfill the requirements
Here, you may have to complete some achievements, which will give you diamonds as reward
With this premium currency of this game, you can use it to purchase a free spin on the ice machine daily

Besides, you can play the Ice Shaver Machine freely once a day.
By playing fashion there, you may get stat boosts and diamonds
Once getting enough, save them up and get your free draw every day to build up your wardrobe.
You may spend one diamond to draw the regular machine

Furthermore, when dealing with enemies in the battlefield, your skills will cast big damage toward them
According to this, you can cast the active skills, true power toward enemies
Make sure to upgrade such skills as you will gain a skill point each time you level your hero
These skill points will really be handy to improve the power of one of your skills.

On the other side, some of your skills will synergize well with each other.
As an illustration, Alisha the mage will be able to learn two skills which are Snowy Strike and Binding Ring.
With binding ring, she can create a vortex pulling enemies and keep them in the perfect position which can then be hit with a well-placed snowy strike
She can combo those skills with Portal.

Except collecting diamonds or gems by completing achievements and quests, you will also be assigned to get three stars in every single level
In the way of getting those stars, you must fulfill certain conditions indicated on the left side of the screen.
Those stars will allow you to open bonus chests for that chapter.
So, try to complete a level and beat all enemies in one piece


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