Complete Achievements to Earn Gems in Kickerinho World iPhone

Tabasco Interactive has launched Kickerinho World as a one-touch game for the ios and android users
Here, you will guide a kid to pull off various soccer ball tricks with your finger`s skills.

kickerinho world walkthrough ios android

In related to skills, a quick finger and good reflexes are the main key to do the tricks
To perform your tricks, you can do this with different methods
During your performance, try to do it without dropping the ball

Once completing more levels, you will learn new tricks to do next which will lead you to be the ultimate juggler in the game

Completing all of tricks perfectly in a level will double experience reward
You can do it perfectly by tapping purple sparkles coming out of the ball.
At this point, you can try to get your timing down to get a perfect on each level

Sometimes, you may miss a perfect hit, whereby you can let the ball hit the ground to reset the level again

In the beginning of the game, you may get through the earlier levels with flying colors
In further levels, you will need to pull off more tricks in succession.
When performing your tricks, try to memorize the sequence of moves and keep practicing to create new tricks

Later on, you may want to try to do the knee juggles, the second trick in which the ball will land towards your feet
At that moment, your character will not lift up their knee until it is a split second away from contact.

Gems can be said as the premium currency of this game
To get such currency, you can complete the achievements or as quests in this game
Plus, completing them in specific of time will reward you with coins

When reaching level 3 in the game, you will be able to play in League mode or an endless mode
There, you can also join a Team League to make some score for you and your teammates.
Playing there will allow you to earn some good stuff
So, it will be good to join as a team to complete achievements and get gems together

On the other side, you can then play in Challenge mode, where you will get a chance to do more tricks along the way.
In this mode, you can perform more complex tricks which will grant you more points and rewards which may be in form of coins and gems again.


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