Complete Achievements to Earn Diamonds in Jungle Clash iPhone

Jungle Clash from My com can be said as a new card battling arena game dedicated to the ios and android platforms.

Here, you and your rival`s army will have a fight for trophies and treasure, as well as for chests and cards.

Then, you will get a free chest by getting victory in the battle
And, you can have a star chest containing rare cards if you have earned ten stars.

Also, you will get medals to move to higher arena to unlock new cards and earn all of the additional cards

On the other side, just take part in the leagues to get extra prizes, in form of free diamonds, the premium currency of this game.
To get them more, complete various achievements
In line with this, always enable achievement notifications at the achievement menu so that you can complete then for free diamonds.

Similar to card battling arena game, you must build out multiple decks then organize them based on specific battle strategies.
Make sure to learn what methods are commonly used to beat your rival`s team
And, build and edit your teams to counteract them on the board.

In addition, you must also join a clan
Doing so will allow you to send card between you and your clan`s friends
Besides, you can also use strategy when playing this game together

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