Combos for Three Stars in Fruit Pong Pong 2 Android

Dream has presented Fruit Pong Pong 2 that is a kind of a very addictive juicy match-2 game delivering cool eliminate effects and combos towards fruit jam

fruit pong pong 2 walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is simple in which you have to match 2 same colors of fruits to make them clear in a fast time period

This game will challenge you to complete over 200 absolutely new levels where you will also be challenged to earn 3 stars in each stage

You will go through each level with certain of colored fruits where you must clear them all by matching two fruits in the same type or color

When being in the attempt to clear the fruits in each level, be sure to use your combo meter as fast as you can
Here, you must always see the combo meter when matching the fruits
At the same time, you should plan the next move of which fruits will be matched afterward
Those fruits can be cleared as long as they are connected by 3 lines at most.

On the other side, if you get stuck, you can use bombs here will help you blow up a pair randomly in which you should also rearrange all the tiles
You can also make a good use of items that you have.

You will also be given to use pause timer for 10 seconds that will allow you to think of what the fruits should be cleared for having three stars

Anyway, time for each level are limited individually so you have to manage it as wise as possible
In addition, you can also rate them 5 stars that will be worth or 5000 coins as bonus reward


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