Combo Weapons to Get Coins in Kick the Buddyman Mad Lab HD iPhone

Kick the Buddyman: Mad Lab HD developed by Alpinio Studio is the newest series of Buddyman or Kick the Buddy game that you may have played both on the iOS and Android devices

kick the buddyman mad lab hd walkthrough ios android

Similar to any Buddyman or Kick the Buddy games, you will have to beat the little dummy dude called Buddyman in form of a mad scientist

Here, you will use a whole bunch of topical weapons to beat him for coins to unlock new weapons or tools such as Rabbit, Plantus Predatus, Adrenaline Gun, Cloning, Bacteria, Plasma Gun, Sound Generator, Mega-Bomb, Self-made Robot and Black Hole.

To play this game, you will start with just the finger, but after getting 800 coins, you can purchase a weapon.

Early on the game, you must kill the Buddyman first to get coins.
Then you will be served with two buttons which are a free gift of coins and an offer to watch the ad video for collecting some coins for free.

Once getting enough coins, you can get the black hole weapon since you can stick a black hole anywhere in your lab.

So, just stick it in a corner then keep tilting to force Buddyman to keep falling into it on his own.
You can also combine that weapon to the other ones to get knockouts at a time.

In line with this, you can get particular combination which will provide you extremely quick knockouts which are black holes and bacteria.
The bacteria here will create a green cloud which can last as long as you hold your finger on the screen

Moreover, it will follow your finger around the screen.
Just drag the bacteria over the black hole to maul Buddyman with it
Also, you can do this each time he pops out of the hole to deliver massive damage.

You can also experiment with other combinations such as adrenaline guns and black holes
At this point, just shoot him with adrenaline so that he will run around in circles at high speed, which will make him run into the black hole over and over again.

Later on, you can experiment with various other combinations to get great results which lead you to collect some coins


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