Combo to Get More Gems for Power ups in Downwell iPhone

If you often play a shooting game on mobile, you may try to play Downwell that is an awesome game combined of the simple concept and extremely well-designed mechanics compatible with mobile platforms.

downwell basic guides apple watch android

This game will take you to jump from one platform to another while exploring each area in the well to discover something treasure

Early on the game, you will learn wall jump action
If you have full ammo and bump up against a wall, you can hit the jump button again and the directional button away from the wall to spring up and out into the center of the well

You can do this when you are in cornered situations or if you want to jump back up to a store or item cave.

During the game, you may see a weapon to pick up which will be handy to deal with some enemies in the well
This weapon items will help you charge, which make significant long-term impacts on your survival.

Besides, you have to learn mastering the combo system to collect more gems, the premium currency of this game

At this point, you can learn to link kills together without hitting platforms, which will guide you to get some massive combo benefits such as having gems foe combos that you have performed during your journey in the game

If you can perform 8 kill combo, you will get 100 gems
Performing 15 kill combo will earn you 100 gems and a charge
And, performing 25 kill combo will provide you 100 gems, a charge, and one hit point

When performing your combos, that bullets or charges will reload when stomping enemies
At this point, you can get a huge kill streak by alternating between stomping and shooting enemies.

You must also be sure that the side caves and stores will not reset your combo
Thus, just visit them to stop time, regain your composure, then resume your chain of combo.
You can practice your combos in Levitate game mode

On the other side, if you get health powerups when they are already fully healed, you will see that a white bar starting to fill up under your life bar.
Then, when it fills up fully, you can add one hit point to your life bar.
Doing this will be useful to get more life or additional hit point slots without buying curry from the store

As said earlier, performing some combos will grant you some gems or diamonds to collect
With more gems you have collected from the game, you can use them for having the best powerup which will make your mission easy to complete

In addition, you may run with every newly unlocked palette, which makes everything look like and react faster.
In accordance with this, you can try playing in a palette which is clearly color code stompable vs. non-stompable enemies, similar to the default scheme or Pastel.

Anyway, playing this game is all about the survival to get through each level in the well in one piece
For such reasons, all you will have to do is to blast any incoming enemies standing in your way


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