Combo Moves for Gold and Diamonds in Crazy Cake Swap iPhone

Zynga has just launched Crazy Cake Swap on the mobile markets, ios and android
This game brings a match-3 game where you and your friend get to swap and combine cake to keep customers fed well

crazy cake swap walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you will also have to help your star baker progress to fame and fortune.
Besides, you should satisfy your friends’ cravings for sweets by treating them with cake and you will also have to try being the best baker in the land.

On the other side, you must also solve challenging puzzle and hundreds of crazy cascading levels to get a sweet victory

When being on the game, always consider to clear all the pieces of cake out there
In line with this, you can combine four tiles in a line to create a special frosting tube
This tube will wipe out a whole row or column.

And, combining them in a square formation will allow you to tap on the special tile so that you can wipe out a random one of the same color.
Moreover, combining special tiles with other special tiles will allow you to activate more special bonuses

During in your action, always try to combine 5 tiles in a row, which will allow you to get a special rainbow star
With this star, you can wipe out all of one type of cake.
Plus, doing this will be useful to collect x number of one kind of cake.

Meanwhile, you will be on the stages where you must make a path between your character and the door.
In accordance with this, take a look at what tiles you can combine, then plan your move or two ahead.
At this point, you can pursue a longer route where you can clear in fewer steps.

Later on, you will deal with The Find your Friends levels where you are tasked to uncover your friends from underneath the piles of cakes.
Here, you can uncover one piece of them which will give you a vision where to aim for.
Just try to keep chipping around to get them in the clear.

Once progressing through the game, spreading icing is pretty simple to do with some icing
At that point, you need to focus on adding icing starting with one tile at a time.

According to this, try to aim for the bottom then work your way up.
At that moment, clearing some tiles low down can often set off a chain reaction, and it can also take out many more areas.

Always consider to make a combo chain when clearing the cake on the board
With more combo, you will get more points and it can really help you complete stage fast and collect rewards for what you are working there

Every time, you can complete a puzzle and stage, you will get diamonds and gold to get new moves
With this diamond, you can purchase extra moves.
But, it is highly recommended that you save them to unlock new areas.
In addition, when playing this game on line with your friends, you can all help him unlock new areas


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