Combo Kick Punch to Get High Score in Fingers of Fury iPhone

Dnamighty has a simple one-touch game called Fingers of Fury that presents some extreme kung-fu actions that you can do on ios and android devices

fingers of fury walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will go to the Diabolical Dojo to beat a bunch of axe wielding foes
When performing the action, your kick and punch will be the most important factors to get each level completed successfully for score points multiplier

Here, your timing to do your actions will be everything to show off your skills to beat enemies that will sometimes attack simultaneously at a time

Sometimes, it will be fast and useful to use kick to beat enemy one by one
But, when you perform the roundhouse kick, it leaves you open at the end of it and most importantly you will not get score multipliers from it.

To increase your score, using punch will be a good point to land it on an enemy to rack up the score
Anyway, using the punch skill will add your score multiplier in the long run in which it will be great for racking up a lot of points

Always pay attention to which enemies come at first
At this point, if you punch an enemy who is not within range, they will stop to avoid the punch.
Then, after it is about a split second, they will resume going to you so when they do this, you can use the punch to beat them

On the other side, using the roundhouse kick will still be useful to a flat multiplier.
If you can hit two enemies at a time with one roundhouse doubles the points, you will get points.
You can also use the feint punches to gather up a big group of enemies to roundhouse

Meanwhile, you will deal with tough enemies in form of the red one
Some enemies will be beaten with one hit
However, if you deal with the red ones they are armored that will get you to hit them in multiple ways.

In accordance with this, you they can contribute three punches to beat them
And, one roundhouse will take them down quickly.
When punching them, they will block the attack so you have to attack them repeatedly to beat them.
Every time, you see that they block your skill, they will sometimes act as if you feinted them.

In the mean time, they will usually pause moving for about half a second then continue moving and attacking you simultaneously
For such reasons, all you will have to do is to gather them up with other enemies and roundhouse

As said earlier, always watch how the enemies move carefully.
When it is about to kick or punch enemies, you may sometimes miss a punch, whereby you must be ready to react every move form them.


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