Combo Action to Level up Fast in Dust An Elysian Tail iPhone

Dust An Elysian Tail from Humble Hearts can be said as fun action-RPG specifically designed for the ios and android devices

dust an elysian tail basic guides apple watch

In this story, you will be the mysterious warrior to search for your true identity to go through from peaceful glades to snowy mountaintops and beyond.

During your journey, you will meet some enemies that you will have to beat for completing the mission
In the mean time, you will also be tasked to go on a variety of quests from friendly villagers, discover ancient secrets and uncover the story of an ancient civilization

When getting involved in the combat, you will have to learn the basic combo set.
Firstly, you can try to tap this sequence codes to perform some combo actions

Tapping X+X+X+X is the basic combo to mash the basic attack button over and over again.
You can use this to execute some enemies at a time
Be sure do it into a Dust storm or jump cancel to a new combo since the reset takes some time.

Tapping X+X+Y+Y is the ground stomp to deliver some basic attacks before launching into a big overhead sword sweep and performing a backwards kick.
Use this combo to deal with a lot of enemies in front of you.
You can use this to move forward considerably, then use the kick at the end to protect your back.

Meanwhile, you can use X+Y as the launcher combo to shoot enemies into the air while performing a series of aerial attacks.
Using this will be handy to bust out when dealing with some enemies or to transition between air and ground enemies.

Besides, using aerial X+X+X+Y can be the slam combo to be used in the air to grab an opponent and slam it to the ground
Using this will cause a good amount of damage and it will be really useful for elusive enemies.

Each time, you can beat enemies, you will get bonus experience to level up your warrior faster than playing recklessly into battle.
Always be sure not to get hit by enemies that you can do by keeping them on one side of the screen

On the other side, parrying is awesome to lower an enemy’s defenses and leaves them vulnerable to your powerful counter attack.
You can do this by holding the attack button after pressing it.
If you see the enemy attacks before you return to your neutral stance, you can parry it.

Anyway, doing this method will be easier than trying to tap attack when you see an enemy attack animation is about to attack at that moment.

Sometimes, using your ability like air dashing will be handy especially when you are about to perform better link combos


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