Combine Super Drone to Get More Bucks in Futurama Game Drones iPhone

Futurama: Game of Drones developed by wooga can be included into a new match-four puzzle game dedicated to the iOS and Android users.

futurama game drones walkthrough ios android

Similar to any puzzle games out there, you will be provided with five lives
And, each loss, you lose a life, which will make you wait half an hour for each life to come back
To get more lives, you can ask for them from your friends on Facebook who play this game

To get some extra lives, you can apply time lapse trick
In line with this, just go to the date and time settings on your phone, and set the time ahead half an hour for every life need to come back.

Afterward, go to the game and you will find that all of your lives will be restored in a minute.
Once doing so, go to the date and time again and set the time back to normal
When going back to the game, you will get all of the free lives to remain there.

On the other side, if you can make a combination of five pieces, it will create a line breaker drone, where it is a combination of six pieces to make a bomb drone
Moreover, if you can make a combination of seven pieces you can make a prism drone.

Thus, just make sure to make as many of these super-drones as you can, since they will really help you complete a level at ease
Do this when you start combining super drones together.

Also, try to combine any super drone for a prism drone which will clear out the entire level by turning all of the associated color drones into the super drone that you mixed the prism with.

As usual, bucks can be said as the premium currency of the game, which will be useful to purchase boosts within the rounds.
To beat a hard stage, you can charge Fry’s blast ray with each move you make
In the mean time, you can use it to gather up matching drones, like with a prism does.

Meanwhile, you will also get to earn three stars that you can do by completing with the highest number of left over moves
At this point, each move will turn into a super drone, and once the moves run out, you will find that all of the super drones will do their thing at a time.
Thus, just try to make it well to get some stars at ease


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