Collect Wildcards to Unlock All Levels in GyroSphere Trials iPhone

GyroSphere Trials from Pronetis can be categorized into a physics based platforming game for the ios device where you will be assigned to guide the titular GyroSphere or ball to the end of each level in one piece.

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Similar to a fast-paced race through endless game, you will have to go through unpredictable obstacles and in a specific time

Along the game, all you will do is to roll, spin, jump, and make sure not to fall and lose lives
When controlling the ball, you must focus and try to unlock more arenas with new challenges ahead
Also, time is important here, which you must beat it to get better points and record

This game will always get you to beat the clock and to rush through tricky levels which require tight, precise jumps, turns, and brakes
To master it, be sure to do a practice run first then replay the level again to the beat the time.

Except time, speed also takes a big role here
In other words, mastering control in this game rely on when to control your speed so that you will let your ball roll into warp speed quickly to fling yourself off the level

Moreover, the speed will get double when there are slants and slopes involved there.
In line with this, natural gravity will build momentum in your ball, so you must always be careful when going down slopes
Just do fast backwards swipes when you are about to slow down at that moment.

On the other side, once mastering the physics in this game, you can come up with your own shortcuts when being on a higher plane and you see a slope going down with a sharp turn.

When you are on the higher spots, you can build enough speed to bypass the slope along the way and you can also land on lower platform.
Doing this will really save you a ton of time

Meanwhile, each time you perform any action in this game, you will need lives
If you want to get more lives, you can replay the older levels that you have got all 5 medals on

Therefore, if you can beat your previous record that has got you all the medals, you will be granted with five extra lives.

Plus, if you play this game in daily basis, you can collect your daily reward which will be 20 lives to collect for free
And, if you are lucky enough you may get a chance to get additional spheres and wildcards to unlock all levels in this game


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