Collect Three Stars Rating for More Gems Coins in Eternal Arena iPhone

NetEase Games has just launched Eternal Arena to the ios and android markets in which this game can be said as a combination of MOBA and ARPG into one package

eternal arena walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be able to control over 35 playable heroes, complete daily missions, and take part in pvp battle online with your rivals

Later on, you will have to collect coins and diamonds, the main currencies of this game which will be handy to unlock new heroes
Then, you can bring up to two of them into battle with you, while upgrading all of their equipment to strengthen them into the most powerful one

On the other side, this game will get you to collect rewards in form of coins gems that you can do by completing your daily missions
In line with this, you will get a few rewards by playing this game in daily basis

Early on the game, all you will do is to sign in by tapping on the ‘Sign’ button.
Afterward, just tap the reward based on how many days you have played to get free diamonds or a rare hero.

In the mean time, you can go to the ‘Rewards’ page to sign in to the monthly reward page
At this point, you will get a chance to collect gold, gems, elixir, soulstones, and rare equipment every time you log in the game.

Plus, be sure to visit the tavern and blacksmith to get a free hero and rare equipment for your heroes.
After completing missions, you will get equipment and level up your heroes to increase their power.
Be sure to always keep your heroes equipped with the most powerful equipment.

Meanwhile, you must also upgrade your gear each time you level up and be sure to keep it around your hero`s level to get the optimal power.

For further, you will also consider to increase the power of your heroes.
In accordance with this, you must use elixir to increase the level of your heroes.
Be sure to maintain them all times.

Sometimes, if you have five unused equipment, you can throw them in the forge to exchange them for a high level piece that you can use for your newly heroes.

And, if you have a high level piece of unused gear, just transfer the level and stars to another piece that will transmute it.

Every time, you play this game, be sure to go to the ‘Achievements’ tab to find a variety of goals to get achievement points.
If you are lucky, you will get diamonds for free as a reward in the achievement section.

In order to get more diamonds, you must try to get three star ratings in each six levels of each chapter.
To get this, you must complete all three goals in each level

In addition, you can get involved in Monster Hunt and Goblin Hunt daily which will give you a chance to get more stamina, vigor, and gold.
With enough gold and diamonds you have collected through the stages you have beaten, you can use them to get new heroes and equipment


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