Collect Stars to Unlock New Ball in Ketchapp Basketball iPhone

Recently, a new basket shooting game called Ketchapp Basketball has been trending game on the ios and android communities

ketchapp basketball walkthrough ios android

What makes this game differ among other shooting ball game is it comes with multiple play modes, such as endless, time challenge, and other shot challenges called bounce shots.

As usual, all you will do in this game is to shoot baskets, get some stars, earn new ball designs and gain scores as high as possible.

When playing in the endless mode, always consider to shoot carefully.
And, when being in the time challenge, it will rely on your speed to shoot the ball into the baskets

In line with this, just swipe up to shoot baskets, and swipe up with multiple fingers to shoot the ball at high speed

At this point, you can perform super short swipes, while trying to aim your shots with slightly longer swipes.

Later on, you will have to score up more points before the hoop starts moving around.
It is caused by, if it starts moving, it may be hard to shoot baskets
To solve this, you can try to angle your shots to make the ball into the hoop.

At this time, if you see it is about to reach the corners of the level, it will be easier to make the baskets without angling your shots.
If it moves back toward the other side, try to angle your shots once more

Stars will be your main point to complete each level successfully
According to this, you may get a free gift of stars from the notifications.
So, always enable notifications to let you know when your stars are ready to collect
For such reasons, you can reset the cooldown to get the stars
And, you can always watch the ad videos to get free stars

After getting 100 stars, you can spin for a new ball.
In accordance with this, a rare ball will come to you
This rare one tends to have more creative and unique designs than the common ones


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