Collect Soul Gem Ticket to Get Rare Characters in Legion of Heroes iPhone

Legion of Heroes The start of new adventure by Nexon can be said as a new MMORPG combining both the MMO and traditional RPG styles, which you can play both on the ios and android devices

legion of heroes walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to load up a party consisting of some powerful heroes, equip them with the best weapons and level them up
To get the best squad, you can even change their classes, then compete against other players to see who is the best team ever in the game

Later on, you will experience the battle which is very tactical based upon how many positions you can move your heroes and how many different attack ranges based upon the special skills.
Each hero will come along with a special skill that you can use toward enemies in the battlefield

During in the battle, just be sure to move your heroes with every turn as well.
Just try do it as fast as you can, or the CPU will catch on to what you are doing and target you with high-damage multi hit attacks more frequently.

Sometimes, you may lose some of your heroes with 4 or 5 or less, so that you will have to try spreading them as far apart as possibly to avoid taking a lot of splash damage from enemies.

On the other side, you will have to equip your heroes with equipment that you can then upgrade using the option to reinforce it.
In line with this, you can spend gold to upgrade your equipment by one rarity level such as your equipment’s main stat like attack, defense etc to an even greater amount.

In order to level up and upgrade your heroes, you will have to get some experience that you can get in battle
For further, you will also have to fuse your heroes to add rank experience

After getting the maximum rank level they will move up to the next rank, and getting big stat increases.
In accordance with this, you will also have to improve your heroes with your higher ranking heroes, and sacrifice your lower ranking heroes

When you are about to do a common battle, you can use auto battling which will win the battle for you
And, if you want to go for tough battles against bosses or against other players, make sure you do it manually

In addition, this game will take soul gems as the premium currency that you can collect in any other way
To get them, each time you can complete each battle and win it, you are rewarded with some soul gems that you can get for free

Besides, each time you do a battle with enemies you will be granted with gold
So, just take part in many battles to farm more gold or even soul gems for free


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