Collect Rare Superheroes for Free in Marvel Contest of Champions iPhone

After getting launched few days ago, this game seems to be the most favorite game that have been downloaded and played ios and android gamers around the world

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If you follow this game guides, you may have read a tutorial of how to get crystal in this game
Right now, you will be guided to get some better and rare superheroes in marvel contest of champions game and get rare champions in this game.

As you already notice that if your heroes have more stars, their skills and stats will get better.
Also, you will get class bonuses and better characters with even the rare ones easily

In this game, units are the premium currency in which if you have them more, you will have better chances of getting a very rare champion in the game.

Anyway, getting them for free will be hard, so you must save up and only spend them on the Premium Hero Crystals and for that you need 100 Units.
Here, you will also get a chance of collecting 2 to 4 star champions from there
Moreover, you can also unlock a few by completing the single player missions and saving the rewards.

On the other side, if you want to get some crystals for free, all you will have to do is to win in the Arena or the versus mode of the game.
If you can win it, you will collect Arena crystals that you can use in the vault so that you can win a 4 star hero there.

Meanwhile, you can also win Battle Chips, which you can use for the same goal in that it will give you an access to win a good hero or even some free Units to try for having a better hero.
Specifically, the Arena is a kind of the holy grail whereby if you can play there with good heroes, you will have a big chances of getting some extra rare Heroes in this game.

For further, purchasing the limited time offers will give you an access to get a 3-star Deadpool character, free units, ISO-8 crystals and Battle Chips as well.
Having these offers will give you better rewards in the future.
So, just take advantage of them as they are certainly better that simply purchasing the Units alone.

In addition, in the way of getting better or rare heroes in this game, just make sure to log in daily
By doing so, you will have a free chance to collect a better hero
Besides, by logging and playing this game daily, you will be able to get a free crystal that will give you a top hero as a bonus
Furthermore, if you play this game in a row within more days, you will get better roster.
At least, you will get free selling materials in form of some extra gold and XP points


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