Collect Rare Heroes in Haunted Empire Ghost of Three Kingdoms iPhone

If you love playing RPG, you will have to try the most terrifying and unique action RPG multiplayer online battle arena that is packed in Haunted Empire Ghost of Three Kingdoms

haunted empire ghost of three kingdoms walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to collect a formidable team to play and rule the world of The Haunted Empire then you can fight through the PVP Arena for award fame

Later on, you will be assigned to gather and develop rare heroes then get involved in an immersive experience with friends or go solo in fighting your battles

Early on this game, you can recruit Heroes at Hero Palace, and they are collected from Time-limited dungeons, or you can purchase them at the Jade shop

After collecting your heroes, you can unlock the most powerful heroes and witness the awesome power of each hero’s unique skills

In the way of collecting 5 stars heroes, you can simply login daily, then you can evolve them or demonize into 7 star Devil Hero
So just login and get Rewards form this occasion

Meanwhile, if you do the first purchase concerning with heroes you will have a chance to get 5 stars heroes and each player reaching level 50 within 8 days of the new server will get rewards through messages box containing level gifts for free

Later on, you will have to try getting Treasures that you can do from Treasure hunting, plunder
battles, completing card draws and opening boxes

Here, you will also need Horses that you can get from Legion shop and Horse Camp
Besides horses, you will also require energy that you can do by eating more buns
At at 12:00 in Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, eating buns will receive at most 100 Energy

In addition, you can join new server event arena dominator part 3 as current event where you will get arena limited domination ranking rewards based on the rank in the arena when taking part in the first 8 days of the new server


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