Collect Rare Cards in Dictator 2 Evolution iPhone

Dictator 2 Evolution from Tigrido is the best strategy game which is specially designed for iOS platform recently.

dictator 2 walkthrough ios android

Here, you will have a power to do anything you want
As a fledgling dictator of a democratic republic and having unlimited power, you will determine your relationships with the different parties where they are also out to take control.
Your main goal here is to make a balance for the relationships, as well as building your own card army

Along the game you will be equipped with funds to make an action you need in which almost everything such as the region management bonuses and the auxiliary options has cost
So, be wise when you are about to make a purchase
In the mean time, always check your retirement fund from time to time.

When you are about to take over some territories, make sure you have the best possible battle cards.
In line with this, you will get a card group matching with the factions such as the police, people, army, etc.

The quality and quantity of those cards will be influenced by your reputation with those corresponding factions.

Thus, you will have to make everything in a good balance that you can do by keeping everyone happy
If you can do so well, you will get a wide selection of cards to select from, so that it will lead you to get your own victory.

Everytime you get a new region, always consider to build an oil derrick which can make money for you
Building that oil derrick is vital to your financial stability.
Later on, you must also level them up to level 2 which will provide you some nice cash flow.

When you need money, your retirement will usually generate money over time
At this point, you can leave the game alone long enough whereby you will earn back enough money which you can take a turn again.

On the other side, try making an experiment with different card combinations
Besides, you can make a good strategy and build a central strategy around a couple of cards.

As an illustration, if you have card with high attack power but extremely low health and a card with Provocation skill, you can play it since that skill can make enemies attack the card with it first before the other ones


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