Collect Power ups Stars to Unlock all Levels in Defend the Planet iPhone

Argo Studio has just launched Defend the Planet on the apple store as a new endless game
Here, you are tasked to stop meteors which are about to hit the planet.

defend the planet walkthrough ios android

In other words, you will have to protect the planet and to stop as many of meteors as possible for points score
During the gameplay, just keep your eyes open on the meteors coming for your planet
To do this, you must try to turn your barriers to match up with them.

Always remember never let them get through your atmosphere
To overcome this, just block them with your barriers to keep your planet survived all the time.

Sometimes, you will see that a space shuttle to show up.
When seeing this, just let it through.

It is caused by after that space shuttle comes back through to your planet, the space shuttle will make all of the meteors on the screen blow up at a time
Always try to let the space shuttle go through when seeing them

The main point to play this game is to score points for having more stars.
Always consider to get enough stars to unlock entirely new planets and level 2, level 6, level 5 and level 3 of this game.

Every planet in this game comes along with a different shape to its barrier setup In order to get more stars, just go back to old planets
By having more stars, you can then earn new planets.

on the other side, you will also have to get power ups, the green and the red ones
Having the green power up will make barriers fill the empty spaces
If you can get the red one, it will make the entire unbroken barrier surround your planet.


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