Collect Potion for High Score in Chilindra The Potion Mistress iPhone

Multiplecodes has launched their newest game called Chilindra – The Potion Mistress that can be categorized into a new endless runner game designed for ios and android devices.

chilindra the potion mistress walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide a baby, Chilindra who is assigned to gather some ingredients to make her potions so that she can learn how to be a real witch.

In order to get the magic potion, you will have to fly, jump, slide or pass through an evil forest in a foggy night.

Besides, you will also do a double jump, or a single jump
Later on, you can jump again to come to the downside of the jump, even you can do a slow triple jump.

As said earlier, you will sometimes dealt with enemies coming out with different patterns.
In line with this, if you come up to pink bird, you just stay on the ground as it will fly upward and kill you if you jump.

And, if you come to the little flying blue devil, be sure to perform a quick double jump, since it will lunge for you to go slightly airborne

During your journey, each time, you can collect the potion ingredients, you can gain a score
To help complete the mission at ease, you can find the magnets and the shield power-ups on stage.

Here, magnets power ups can draw any ingredient within half a screen of your character’s current location.

And, the shield can protect you from all hits for a limited amount of time.
Always watch out the shield since as it will go away without warning, which can cause you to be defeated by enemies easily.

In addition, this game does not feature any cosmetics for purchases in-game store
Anyway, you will have to gain a score as much as possible that you can do by collecting every potion in the jungle


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