Collect Points to Get More Pucks in Blocky Hockey iPhone

Blocky Hockey All-Stars form Gogii Games Corp can be said as a new endless skating hockey game which is specially made for the iOS and Android mobiles.

blocky hockey walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to go as far as quickly as possible, while scoring up some points, and competing with other players

During the game, you can block and punch to win the match.
Moreover, you can even get in showdowns with goalkeepers, while trying to shoot and score into their goals for making some points.

To play this game, you will merely tap the left button to skate up into the left.
Then, you can tap the right button to skate to the right.

If you tap faster, you will build up more momentum, as indicated by the bar on the bottom of the screen so that you will go faster
But, this can have the effect of making obstacles tougher to avoid.

Every time, you come up to a goalkeeper, you must swipe to shoot the puck into the goal.
So, try shooting the puck into the correct side of the goal, or the goalkeeper will catch the puck.

As said earlier, you will have to make a goal to score up extra points.
In line with this, just look for the flip down goal sign to see which side to shoot it into.

Later on, when competing with another player, be sure to focus on the buttons, which are a punch button and a block one.
Meanwhile, you must also watch the enemy player and learn their pattern.
Here, you must try to block them when they start to throw punch at you
In the mean time, make sure to counter with a punch of your own at them

As usual, pucks can be said as the premium currency of this game
In order to get them more, you can get them within the levels themselves.
When seeing them, just try to skate over them.

Alternatively, you can also get them by watching free advertisement videos
There, you can also gather up the free prizes appearing with time.
Thus, just set your push notifications to get you notified soon as a prize becomes available to collect.

These pucks will be the main way to get new characters in the game
Each time, you have collected 500 pucks, you will be able to unlock a new character coming along with different bonus characteristics

As an illustration, some characters will be faster and the others will be better fighters or they can throw punches more quickly
You can also get a character which can score goals with ease.
In accordance with this, you can unlock random character to be your collection


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