Collect More Tokens from the Events in Area 777 iPhone

As stated by the review from previous post, Area 777 is developed by Adult Swim in which this game is a kind of a slots game, a tower defense game, an RPG and an alien invasion all rolled into one

area 777 extra spin ipad ipod touch

Along the game, there is a ton of potential chance to get the tokens and coins by spinning more slots.
Here, when spinning the slot reel, you will be prompted to let the game stop the slots on its own or you can stop them by yourselves by tapping the screen.

At this point, you can let the game stop the slots on its own, then you simply wait for it
On the other side, if you try to stop them on your own, you will have a far lower chance of winning a particular combination.

This game will feature two main currencies which are gems and tokens
In line with those currencies, you have to get them all
However, you may sometimes run out of free tokens and you need some more

If you want to get them more without spending any money, you can wait for the free tokens bar at the top of the screen to fill up at least once, and tap it.
In the mean time, just keep tapping as it fills up so that you will be able to get more and more free tokens to collect.

On the other side, in order to get more free tokens, all you will do is simply to keep tracking of the events whenever they pop up
Every time, the events come up, they will typically earn you a lot of free tokens in exchange for doing that action.

Also, it is a kind of particularly lucrative ones, such as the free spinning event.
You can then try to mix the events with the power ups so that you can charge and earn over time for especially good strong results.

Except tokens, you will also have to collect more gems, that you can get those for free too.
In the way of getting those gems, you can merely tap the button at the top of the screen that will direct you to watch a video.
When being in this step, just keep watching videos until they run out, then wait for about fifteen minutes and watch even more of them.
Watching those promotional videos will earn you a ton of gems and those videos will always regenerate after a fairly short amount of time.

In addition, the main point to play this game is to win and level up your character
To do this, you have to increase your bets as high as you can so that you will have a better shot at winning and at leveling up.

If you can do this well, you can beat stubborn enemies
Also, you can save you money in the long run, as one of the biggest money drains is getting attacked over and over again by a stubborn alien in each stage.


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