Collect More Starstuff for Upgrades in Planet Driver iPhone

If you often play any endless arcade game on mobile, you may have to try playing Planet Diver where you will be brought to dive through planets while dodging lava, killing bats, and collecting Starstuff.

planet driver walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to move your character from side to side.
Sometimes, you may be trapped in by walls, whereby you will have to move laterally into them
Besides, you can try to bump into them and continue to go through next stages.
Later on, do not dive into a wall, since it will make interfere your journey

As said earlier, you will go through a big wall of lava or some boulders rain down upon you, where they will end your journey.

In line with this, you may think to boost away from them as fast as you can
Anyway, you can let them chase you, since they can handle enemies for you.

On the other side, killing enemies or webs and collecting Starstuff can heal your character
Meanwhile, you will also have to collect Starstuff or charge into bats.

In addition, this game will also come along with some upgrades that you can get in the store
To get these upgrades, you can use Starstuff, which you have collected through some missions in the game


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