Collect More Rubies for Luckybox in Seven Knights iPhone

Seven Knights from Netmarble seemed to be a very good-looking anime RPG which was popular in South Korea for longer.

seven knights walkthrough ios android

Now, you can play this game on the ios and android devices in English version
Along the game, all you will do is to get a bunch of heroes together to quest through the world, while fighting against some enemies for collecting gold and rubies, the main currencies of this game

Here, you have to power up your heroes by upgrading them
In line with this, you can then go back to old stages and play them for gaining the experience points.
You must rack them up quickly when you have just added a new rare hero to your party
If you can do so well, you will be able to catch them up to the rest of your party.

Later on, if a hero has reached level 30 in the game, you can then fuse them with the same type of hero
You can do this if they have been powered up to a level +5 each
Besides, you can also have another hero of the same type to sacrifice and of the same star rarity.
Be sure to consider to fuse heroes to boost them up for having the most power

On the other side, you must equip each hero with one weapon and one armor piece
Anyway, if you have a rare item, you can power it up and sacrifice the common items.
You can then purchase them in the shop, or purchase item tickets, that will be far cheaper than the hero tickets are.

When you are about to go the quest to battle with enemies, you can party with your friends to complete it much more quickly
During in each battle, you can help each other.

You will also have to level up your hero that you can do by tapping the quick start button after every battle.
Once you hero has reached certain level, you can now have an access to unlock various game modes, such as the daily dungeon and the raid mode.

As said earlier, gold and rubies are the main currencies of this game
Each time, you go through some quest and beat enemies there, you can get experience points and gold as reward in the game

Getting rubies in the game will be hard since it is the premium currency that you can get through iaps
However, this game will sometimes grant you rubies for free by completing certain missions or you can win the competition online with your friends

With more currencies you have collected through the game, you can purchase some valuable items such as new weapons and armors for your heroes which really help them complete each quest at ease


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