Collect More Rubies for Extra Inventory Spaces in Dragon Knights iPhone

Com2us has brought a fresh and new RPG called Dragon Knights specifically designed for mobile platforms mainly the iOS and Android platforms.

dragon knights rare design ipad ipod touch

Along the game, you will have a whole host of heroes to be used to make a party, in which each hero in your party is equipped with special weapons and armor
Also, you will be assigned to collect gems that you can use to power up your heroes
Besides gems, you will also have to gather up coins and rubies, while fighting against a whole host of enemies, and an arena in which you can fight against other players and their party members.

Then, you should take the first priority to power up your party and get enough equipment that you can fill every slot for all of your heroes.
In the way of getting more equipments for your heroes, you can simply replay the older levels and start beating them for a chance at finding more equipment.
Because of this, you can then work on replacing it with rarer equipment for each hero.

If you equip your heroes with rare equipment, you will be more likely have a chance to have more gem slots, so if you can not use your gems yet, you do not have to sell them.

Otherwise, you can wait until you get something rare in green, blue, or another color, because these gems are not only more powerful in general, but they are likely to have a gem slot so that you can power them up even more.
Later on, you will have to go to the inventory and tap the applicable item to add the gem to it.

On the other side, except getting free rare gems in any other way, you can also have any other ways to get free rubies in this game
To get those rubies, you have to complete a design to get more of them.
You can do this by gathering all of the equipment in a part of a design which is always rare, heroic and legendary

Next, you can also collect the gem prize as well as completing achievements for free coins and gems, although the prizes will be smaller than the design rewards.

Every time, you gather up coins from the enemies you have beaten in the battlefield, be sure to spend your coins to power up your weapons, armor, and skills.

Moreover, it will be better to use them more on the rare weapons and armor than the common stuff
In the mean time, you will also need to power up the common stuff in order to get farther into the game, so that you can even access some of the more rare stuff as well.

Furthermore, all rubies that you have collected throughout the stages will be useful to purchase more inventory space for your equipments

Sometimes, your inventory fills up rather quickly in which you will be prompted to either spend rubies to purchase more inventory, or to sell equipment, crafting items and gems that you no longer need or want in order to make more spaces in your inventory.
Anyway, you have to avoid selling gems and crafting materials if you can
Otherwise, you can sell weak weapons and armor in order to have more spaces in your inventory.


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