Collect More Orbs to Unlock New Themes in Zaga iPhone

Simple Machines has a fresh classic arcade game called ZAGA which is specifically made for the iOS and Android phones.

zaga walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to control two rushing lasers concurrently
You guide them by tapping the screen to change their direction
In the mean time, you will also have to gather orbs to rack up the point total.

To make more point, you will simply match the colors, be sure to avoid the obstacles to continue to the next level.

With orbs you have collected from the stages, you can use them to unlock new themes such as the calming waves of the sea, that will get you to zag your way through uncharted environments.

In related to these orbs, they have the same color as the laser
The main point is to bounce your lasers in the right direction while collecting orbs for points.
So, if you have more consecutive orbs, you will earn more points coming to the higher multipliers

To play this game comfortably, just play it on the phone in sideways
Doing this will allow you to focus on sending your orbs in the right direction and you can also stay alive for a long time.

If you want to collect more orbs freely and easily, you can simply earn them on missions, or you can watch ad videos in the middle of the game

During the game, be sure to look at one side of the screen at a time to know whether or not you are going to hit a wall or an obstacle in the level.

After making progresses and getting 3,000 points or so, you will deal with the asymmetrical obstacles in a level.

When playing in such level, just start focusing on the asymmetrical areas in which you will get a lot more opportunities to make big points score.


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