Collect More Lucky Cubes and Diamonds in Nova Force Android

After launching Marble Heroes few days ago, now IGG has just come to the android along with its newest game, Nova Force that is specifically designed for mobile platforms, android and ios soon

nova force walkthrough ios android

In related to this game, it is the simplicity and ease of classic scrolling shooter genre offering some awesome game features.
You will then be involved in the pulse-pumping combat for the most epic game experience

Early on this game, the story begins when the galaxy descended into an abyss of chaos as traitors turned against the Empire.
And, it is the time to get back your throne with any mean necessary

Along the way, you will have to create your very own starcrafts, and amass the most powerful galactic force while trying to beat colossal space monstrosities with your fleets of starcrafts you command.

In related to the control options, to play this game is pretty simple as you will merely hold and slide your finger across your device screen to control your Starcraft
In the mean time, you will also have to dodge blasts from your enemies while destroying their ships.

Throughout the game, you will be prompted to play in Expedition and Explore modes.
When playing in Expedition Mode, you will compete with your friends and team up to destroy Bosses and get some Lucky Cubes containing equipment for your Craft.

At this mode, you can also purchase some following boosters to help you in battle.
Cosmic Aura booster will give your a random buff.
Supernova booster will take the power of a dying star, as well as activating Hyperdrive through 10 waves and this can be used with Cosmic Aura.
Photonsphere booster can increase attributes by 20% but it cannot be used with Cosmic Aura.
Dark Matter booster will unleash the source of gravity upon dying, in which it can also activate hyperdrive through 10 waves ans it can be used with Cosmic Aura.
Warhead booster will deliver high damage to all enemies and it destroys all enemy bullets on screen.

Meanwhile, playing in Explore Mode will get yourself to an epic space odyssey where you have to discover a thrilling mystery, journey across the cosmos, and beat some powerful galactic Bosses.

Besides boosters, this game will also feature customization where you are able to customize your Starcraft with full armaments such as a Hull, Armor, Sub, and Bot.

Also, you can mix and match these designs then upgrade and advance them to boost your overall firepower.
Upgrading your starcraft will improve the level and attributes of the equipment.
And, advancement will greatly increase the equipment and change its appearance.

Anyway, both processes need Parts, but advancing will need complex Parts that you can get from certain missions.
So, just upgrade and advance your equipment to make a better starcraft.
To get a powerful craft, some exp cubes will be needed to win high-grade equipment and boost your Craft’s abilities even more.

On the other side, the blinking center on your craft is the weak point that you must keep it away from enemy fire with any mean necessary.

As stated before, this game will also feature gems or diamonds as the main currency that you will need to purchase some cool items

In the way of getting this gem, all you will do is simple as you merely rate Nova Force for a 5-Star rating that you can do after you have completed Stage 5 of Explore mode.
At this point, just follow the given instructions, then rate us on Nova Force’s Google Play Store page where you will earn 50 free Gems when you return to play this game


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