Collect More Keys to Unlock New Characters in Blocky Football iPhone

Blocky Football Endless Arcade Runner developed by Full Fat can be categorized into a new endless runner game which is specially designed for the iOS and Android devices.

blocky football walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide a voxellated football player to run around all of the defenders, while trying to score as many touchdowns as possible, and getting extra points that have been left behind by your blockers.

During in your action in the field, always pay attention to the positions of your offensive line.
In line with this, your blockers will stop any defenders in their tracks, which will make you run behind them until the last second.

Then, if you see an enemy defender to hit one of your blockers, it will give you one extra point to collect.

After scoring up a touchdown, just kick a field goal right through the center, and down the gold line to get a key.

After getting three keys you can now open three lockers in which there is one specific football helmet of a real life NFL team in each of these lockers.
Later on, you must try to collect three of the same football helmet over time, which will allow you to use that team’s uniform when playing with your character.

When performing your action, you will have to avoid any defenders and avoid your own blockers.
Anyway, if you are hit by one of your own blockers, you will end up losing the round and getting tackled in exactly the same way.

Along the game, you really need keys to open lockers which will allow you to unlock new characters.
Again, to get these keys, just score up a solid shot at the end of each round you play.
Here, you will need not only to hit the green area in the middle of the screen, but you need to hit the narrow yellow stripe.
So, just practice as much as possible to get the keys from scoring more often

Besides, you will also have to unlock new characters so that you can unlock new playing surfaces from a red field, a blue field, snow, to beach.

In accordance with this, you must unlock a specific number of characters, then the field which meets the character requirements will be open for you.
At this point, just turn on your push notifications to grab your free prizes soon they have become available.
Those free prizes may be in form of keys that you can collect for free

In the way of collecting more free keys, you can then watch the advertisement videos
For further, when you want to get more keys, just keep watching an advertisement video in which it will also be useful to get rid of ads for a 10 minute time span.

In addition, this game may show the advertisement pop up while you are in the middle of play
To get rid of this ad, you can set your phone an airplane mode when playing this game
Or, if you want to show your appreciation of someone else`s work, you can purchase the ad removal from iaps


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