Collect More Gold Rubies in Sniper Fury iPhone

Gameloft has just launched their newest game called Sniper Fury which is can be said as a first-person shooter game designed specially for mobile platforms, ios and android

sniper fury walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will take contracts then locate your targets to be taken out with extreme accuracy
Once completing each contract, you will be rewarded with gold, cash and rubies, the main currencies of this game

When trying to make first shot, the enemy is not alerted to your presence yet
At this time, you can scope out the environment while watching your target there.

You can use this time to locate all potential targets and you will know who to be shot first.
In the mean time, just set up a plan of attack before making any shot

Sometimes, you will have to use your thermal scanner
To us a thermal scanner, just toggle it on to make human targets stand out with glorious thermal colors.
You can spot them out from the environment.

You can also use the thermal scanner by zooming it out all the way, then toggle it on.
In accordance with this, you can quickly look around for targets, then turn it back off.

Once collecting enough cash, be sure to upgrade your gun to tackle the harder challenges.
In order to make more cash, you can always take your top priority on completing mission

At the same time, you must also upgrade your base soldiers since they will give you more gold
If your soldiers have higher level, they will generate more gold
So, always make sure to upgrade the soldiers to get more gold in the long run

In addition, each time you play this game, you will be able to get a chance to collect a daily reward
Thus, just open the game in daily basis sine you will get a lot of goodies, including gold and rubies
Moreover, you can also use this time to get more gold for free

Plus, if you can complete the mission successfully, you will be rewarded with rubies, which are the premium currency of this game
With a bunch of rubies you have collected from missions, you can get new weapons and unlock more contract


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