Collect More Gold in The Quests in Infinity Ark War iPhone

Seven Pirates has launched Infinity Ark War on the ios android markets
Here, you will guide your units into the battlefield for glory and resources and gold, the premium currency of this game

infinity ark war walkthrough ios android

In order to get more resources, you can start to upgrade resource constructions and use items that upgrade resource production

Besides, you can also collect resources by completing missions or quests.
During in the quests, you will then attack other arks and plunder their resources.

Also, you can try to exchange with other players in the central trade zone for collecting more resources.

As said earlier, gold is the premium currency of this game which you can get in any other way
In the way of collecting more gold, you can do these following instructions

Just login the game in daily basis to redeem your daily login prize which is in form of free gold
In line with this, on the panel for the monthly check-in rewards every few days will give you gold as rewards

Anyway, the monthly check-in page records are reset monthly, so you must remember when you want to login to claim your check-in rewards.

You can also collect your gold from each mission you have accomplished
Be sure to take part in game events in which you will have to be high competitive ranks to get more valuable rewards.

Moreover, you can get involved in special events where you must pay attention to the availability of in-game events which will give you a chance to get free gold.

On the other side, VIPs will feature special and unique privileges in the game, such as shorten training times, quicker resource production, quicker building times, etc.

If you have higher VIP level, you will get the more privileges to enjoy.
Plus, you can also use VIP points to upgrade your VIP level.
In order to get these VIP points, you can go to mission rewards, random treasure chests or Fortune Wheel spins

Alternatively, you will be able to tap on the add VIP points button to get them as well.
Once being a VIP member, you can enjoy all kinds of unlocked privileges.
To be VIP member, you can then use some special items such as the 30 Day Privileges item.

You can also access mission rewards, random treasure chests or go to the Casino to get you all of these items.
In addition, you can also get them from the VIP page in the game.


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