Collect More Gold for New Characters in Go! Go! CommanderVideo iPhone

Choice Provisions has come to apple store along with their newest game called as Go! Go! CommanderVideo
This game can be said as a new endless runner game based on the Bit.trip series in which it is simplified for more of a simple, casual game.

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Along the game, you will play as the eponymous CommanderVideo to run as far as you can while gathering gold as much as you can.

With a bunch of golf you have collected through the stages, you can use it to unlock new upgrades, new characters, new costumes and customizations.

In this game, all you will do is to jump, which you can do by either tapping or tapping and holding in the same time, to make short and long jump from one platform to another

When performing your actions, you need to react and make your way across some platforms at a rapid rate.

In order to jump from one to another platform, just tap the screen fast to do a short jump to clear small gaps.
In the mean time, holding your finger down on the screen for a while will make a longer jump

As said earlier, you will collect gold while performing your actions
In the beginning of the game, you can use your gold to purchase new hats, the banana hat for your character
With this hat, it will change the look of your character.

Besides, you can also purchase new characters in which each character can be equipped with the same hats that you have bought from the beginning of the levels

In related to this gold, you can collect gold for free scattered on the screen when you are performing your actions

But, when trying to get that gold, you have to use your quick reflexes.
Do not to focus on jumping to collect gold as this can end up your run or you will miss a pit or jump incorrectly

Your gold will be determined with your run, whereby you will usually end up collecting more gold at the end of your run.

Later on, always stay alert of enemies running around in the levels.
When dealing with them, just try to jump over them to go to the next run.

In line with this, playing with your left thumb will be a great way as you will see more of the platform ahead of your character.
For such reasons, you can anticipate of what will happen next


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