Collect More Gold for Items Uprades in Dungelot Shattered Lands iPhone

Dungelot: Shattered Lands by tinyBuild is a kind of the third entry in the Dungelot series of roguelikes that will take you on an epic roguelike dungeon-crawler adventure on the ios device

dungelot shattered lands walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to beat zombie cows, splat giant evil mushrooms along the way, and get out of the room in one piece.

This game is made with some strategic thinking, skill, and a large heaping of good, old-fashioned luck, which will get you to make your way through the game’s challenging dungeons.

When roaming in each floor, a lantern is the most important thing to reveal enemy positions in each floor
Your lantern can also navigate your way around the enemy positions so that you can break through and get to the rest of the dungeon there.

Once you have reached 5 levels in a dungeon, you can purchase some items such as throwing knives and bombs from a goblin which you can use to beat enemies at once.

As usual, gold can be said as the premium currency that you can get on the floor
Each time, you beat dungeons, you will be able to collect more gold which you can use to upgrade your equipment and get extra change to utilize during a dungeon run which will be more favorably than your current one.

If you want to get extra gold for free, you can get the crates in the goblin’s shop and the rocks outside the dungeon’s entrance on the world hub.
Just, just poke everything, including the little rat running around the dungeon’s edge.

On the other side, you will have to power up your hero by activating the shrine outside of the dungeon entrance.
In line with this, the shrines will only work for a limited number of times
Therefore, you must focus on what each power buff does and choose it as it is supposed to be

Meanwhile, the blessings will also work for the very next dungeon run, whereby it needs a bit of gold to boot it.

In addition, as you have made some progresses through the game, you will fill up your inventory with some items you find in the floors

If you do not want some items to be filled up in your inventory, you can salvage excess items so that you can charge up your power bar, which can make making your hero’s special abilities more powerful


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