Collect More Gems in Armored Storm iPhone

Simple Limited along with Armored Storm Strategy War Game will bring you to build your military empire and train modern units with modern weapons to battle with the other player for victory and resources

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In this game, you have to lead and protect your city from others then make a research Research Lab such as making modern technologies, Smart Purifier, Numerical Laser Cutting Technique, etc

In the battlefield, you can coordinate effective combat strategies with allies and participate in various events to earn some cool items and free gems
You can also get more precious items by completing daily quests, alliance quests and VIP quests daily

At the beginning of the game, just follow the quests as they will help you develop your city.
If you can complete the first 30 or so tutorial quests, you will earn free insta-build options for all the buildings you construct.

Always make sure to collect your mystery gift for every 5 minutes or so
In line with this, if you see a shining blue suitcase at the bottom right, just tap it and see what you get as some free resources, items, and more will available for you to collect

Make sure to complete the optional quests such as Daily Quests, Alliance Quests, and VIP Quests.
Then, just start up the quest, wait the required amount of time, then come back and collect the rewards.
Taking part in these running quests will earn you free resources.

Always upgrade your buildings such as resource production, storage, and military.
Upgrading them will earn you a constant stream of resources
But, you also need the storage space to hold it all in.
Military buildings will also help when you want to attack other players or get attacked yourself.

Joining an alliance will allow you to ask for building assistance from other players, and you can even get help from them when you get attacked by a hostile player
Also, you must help each other if your ally need help and you will be rewarded from this

In addition, adding skill points will unlock the next tier in which these skills give passive bonuses like reduced build time and the like.
And, in order to unlock the next tier, you need a required amount of points put into the previous skills.
So just try to only put a minimum amount of skill points into one tier so you can unlock the rest of the skills
Always make sure to keep your buildings upgraded and keep your military forces trained as well.


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