Collect More Coins to Unlock Rare Characters in Mad Aces iPhone

Mad Aces from Bulkypix can be said as a hectic endless runner game designed for mobile platforms where you will merely control one of the mad aces to fly through various blocks and get some power-ups and coins

mad aces walkthrough ios android

With all coins you have collected from the stages, you can use them to unlock new characters such as Alien Invader, Frisky Shark, Grim Reaper, Big Willy, Daft Dog, Brave Eagle, Sombrero Loco, Crazy Cat, Unicorn and Swaggy Bobby.

In other words, this game, Mad Aces can be included into one of the fastest, toughest and most exhilarating runner games on the App Store

During the game, you will simply fly across the dangerous space, ramming and dodging spiked bricks, unlocking new ridiculous characters

When performing your action, make sure not to fly head-first into a spiky block
Instead, you must try to avoid that blocks and try to gain high scores in each level

On the other side, you will get two different methods of defense where you can also dodge out of the way of spiky blocks or destroy them with your fireball.

In line with this, your fireball comes in limited in terms of ammo.
Early on the level, you will start with one, then you will collect more by flying into the crosshair shaped power-up.

Meanwhile, when trying to dodge the blocks, you may forget that you have the fireball in the first place, and it is really important to use it to survive in that level.

Therefore, you must use it every so often so that it will help you remember when the time comes to use it in sticky situation.
Moreover, conserving ammo will also be essential so try to be careful with its use.

Except collecting some coins in each level, you must also gain score as high as you can and pick up those power-ups to get them.

If you can pick and use the crosshair power-up, it will give you extra fireball ammo which will be useful to overcome large clusters of spiky blocks standing in your path.

Later on, you will also be able to get the shield power-up to smash through any blocks in your path
Anyway, your top priority in this game is to grab all of the coins to unlock new characters which will give you a different look while playing this game on the next levels


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