Collect More Coins to Unlock New Landscape in Speed Golf iPhone

Speed Golf from Ketchapp can be said as a new 2D golf game which you can play both on the iOS and Android phones.

speed golf walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is is to shoot the ball into the hole within 5 seconds
Along the way, you will also have to collect coins scattered on the screen and get scores as high as you can

Then, you will shoot the ball in all kinds of different landscapes from desert to Mars to candy land which you can unlock with coins you have collected from the stages.

Here, you will get two types of holes that you can shoot.
In line with this, the hole in one will take you to the next hole.
And, the chip in will do the same, which will give you a five-coin bonus.

In order to do a chip-in, you can try to shoot the ball into the hole or at least the ball hits the flag pole without bouncing in between your shot and the pole.

If you can performed the chip-in, you will earn coins fast in this game
Plus, you will also get free gifts in form of a prize box icon

In the way of collecting gold coins, you can watch the ad videos after random losses in stages.
Every time, you have watched the ad video, you will earn between 20 and 30 coins.

Once collecting coins, you will be able to unlock different landscapes along with different properties.
If you unlock Deserts landscape, it will have a higher friction
Candy courses will come along with a lot of bounce compared to the other levels.

Mars landscape will have high gravity, while playing in the city landscape will give you different setting of environment as it is in the dark, with a torch light effect.

Note that, every landscape here will have its own challenges, so that you will also need strategy to overcome each landscape

When trying to shoot the ball into the hole, you will have to stay alert of the effect of the wind
If the wind is blowing to the left, try to hit the ball harder to make it into the hole.
And, if the wind is blowing to the right, you can try to hit the ball softer to avoid overshooting the hole and sending the ball straight out of bounds for great score.

On the other side, you will also see all levels being recycled, with no real new challenges coming since your score is higher except for more frequent wind effect.

Thus, just keep practicing to get the ball into the hole
After you get the angles and power down for all of the holes, you will be able to get an unlimited score in that stage


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