Collect More Coins to Unlock New Characters in Spooky Traps iPhone

Inventain Mobile UAB has just launched their new game called Spooky Trap on the apple store
This game can be said as an interesting one tap game, which is to fill up your free time

spooky traps walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to go through the 10th stage while you must complete challenges, escape monsters and save cuties.
The main point is to get as far as possible and unlock all characters in the game.

Early on the game, you will merely tap to walk over the bridge
Later on, you have to jump over moving obstacles or enemies, then move to the next level in one piece

To play this game, tapping at the right time is everything since you will control your character by tapping the screen

In line with this, if you tap the screen too soon or too late, the game is over.
For such reasons, you must learn how each of the stages works and tap accordingly.
Always follow the routes or the portals which should not be entered just because they are there.

Before entering a portal, make sure that your route is blocked so that you can send your character straight into an obstacle safely

Your objective to play this game is to unlock all characters
In accordance with this, you can watch an ad to get a free character of some extra money.
Plus, watching video ad will grant you coins for free

On the other side, logging in the game regularly will give you free reward
At this point, you can get a free gift, which is exactly 500 coins, which you can use to unlock a new character.

In order to get more coins, you can do the time lapse trick
So, just go to your device’s settings and change the time forward by a couple of hours
Then, get back to get your reward
Be sure to set the time to normal once doing so.


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