Collect More Coins to Unlock New Characters in Sky Hoppers iPhone

The Binary Mill has launched Sky Hoppers on the apple store as an endless running game, which will get you to follow the highlighted path to get into the next checkpoint.

sky hoppers walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you will also be assigned to gather up gold coins which will be useful to unlock new characters such as Panda, Gremlin, Burger, Cat In A Box, Pineapple, Man Eating Plant, Giraffe, Squirrel, Skull and Springy in the game

When following the highlighted path across the platform, that path fades, and the platform starts to collapse beneath your feet, so you will try to across it in one piece

Early on the game, you will get a free gift in form coins which you can use to get a new character.
In line with this character, you can use a smaller character such as the default flying pig character that the path ahead of you

Besides, using the Springy character will be quite literally a spring since it is thin which will make you see the clear path around him.
Using a smaller character will make you easily see the path ahead.

On the other side, the main key to win the game is to recognize the correct path as fast as possible
Also, the moment you step onto a new checkpoint will make the path appear so that you can start moving along the path while trying to memorize it.

Meanwhile, you must also try to control your swipes
Do not even try to swipe fast or you may just send yourself flying off the side of the platform or onto the wrong platform.
Just swipe carefully and always watch out the path around your character

Playing this game will rely on your concentration
Thus, just try to focus on the path ahead and try to collect coins as much as possible


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