Collect More Coins to Unlock New Character in Can You Dab? iPhone

Right now, Can you Dab? made by Josiah Jenkins has become popular meme-based game among the ios and android community

can you dab walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide a guy in a backwards snapback to jump and dab through some levels
After completing one level, you will be brought to go to new levels, unlock new characters, soon

In order to make your character jump, just tap the screen
Here, you can jump for different distances and heights.
If you you hold the screen longer, your character will jump higher and farther.

For such reasons, you must time short jumps vs long jumps to get through various obstacles in the levels.

When doing so, you must beat the previous stage before going to the next stage
In line with this, just go to the level select screen and see a button saying Unlock all characters all levels.
Tap it in order to play every single level with specific price
Then, you can use any character to any level you intend to.

On the other side, you must collect coins from every level you have completed then use them to get new characters

Every time you collect coin from a level it will be added to your stash.
Once having enough coins, you can purchase a new character.

Meanwhile, you will also be served with the advertisements popping up on the screen
To get rid of it, just tap the upper right hand corner of your screen
Or, you can set your phone into an airplane mode before playing the game


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