Collect More Coins to Unlock Hyper Ticket in Flip Diving iPhone

Miniclip has launched Flip Diving on the apple store and android market, where all you will do is to dive off of cliffs, trees and other objects, while doing flips and tricks to gain score as high as you can then to get some coins and tickets used to unlock new divers, locations and tricks.

flip diving walkthrough ios android

During in your action, your character will lean forward and back when you hold on the screen
If your hand go off form the screen, he or she will jump at which point he or she is from.

When performing your jump, try to time the lean at the right moment so that you can make a jump into the landing zone.
Note that the zone will get smaller as you go from one round to another
Because of this, it will be much more important to aim correctly when doing a jump

Once performing a jump, you will get points and coins which are based upon the quality of the entry and the amount of flips that you have performed there.

Here, entry will be judged by how vertical you are and how little of a splash you make
And, it is also based on whether you go feet first or head first when landing on the water.
If you do more flips and better entries, you will get more coins per jump.

In your action, you may use the bomb to make big score
According to this, you can try to do tricks involving flips with the bomb by holding down on the screen to make 3 score every time for entry.

If jumping with a forward lean, your character will rotate slowly forward, so that you will easily time a good entry with 10 as a score.

Coins can be said as the premium currency of this game that you can get for free by watching the promotional videos from the developer
Besides, watching such videos will also activate the magnet that can draw the floating coins in each stage

In accordance with this, you can keep watching videos by tapping the spin menu indicated in a button in the lower-right corner of the screen
By doing so, the coin earnings will drop slightly per video due to watching them more and more
Doing so will allow you to get 15 coin videos back
Then, you can close and re open the game again
Afterward, just go back to the spin menu to find more promotional videos to watch for free coins.


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