Collect More Coins to Get Secret Characters in Totes the Goat iPhone

Totes the Goat from ATOOI is a kind of a game adapted from a Crossy Road-style which you can recently play on the ios device

totes the goat walkthrough ios android

This game seems to bring the Q*Bert formula and vibrant voxel art along with easy-to-use swipe controls.

Along the game, all you will do is to guide your character to jump from one platform to another while avoiding enemies such as Wily Wolves, Cranky Crows, and Bully Bears

In the mean time, you will also have to collect coins to unlock new characters.
When performing your action, just think a bit to make your way across all of the tiles in a stage.

Also, always take a look around since the enemies will randomly hop all over the place.
Just wait a moment while learning each enemies move to observe their patterns and jump right past them. Sometimes, they will end up jumping off of the end of the side of the level.

In the mean time, be sure to gather up coins scattered in the level
With coins you have collected from the level, you can use them purchase the character Max, where you will get a free coin multiplier for life.

Meanwhile, you will also get a chance to get free gifts in form of 25 to 50 coins apiece
To get more coins, you can watch the ad videos which will earn you 10 to 20 free coins.

On the other side, you can also use 25 coins after a round ends to keep the round going.
You must also try to get high score in the levels

Later on, if you have 100 coins, you can now unlock a random new character coming along with the same characteristics but each of them will give a different look when you are playing.

After making progresses through some stages, you will see that the obstacles will start changing
Moreover, you will also deal with enemies moving faster, and they will hop farther, skipping one or two squares at a time.

Plus, they will also stay there longer before jumping off the side of the stage.
You will also see the spikes and other enemies to come up more often which will end your run if you hit them during your actions.


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