Collect More Coins to Get Power ups in Time Locker Shooter iPhone

Time Locker can be categorized into a new endless shooter combined with arcade genre that you can play both on the ios and android platforms.

time locker shooter walkthrough ios android

Here, you will play with various characters with different abilities, where you must survive in a world with various types of animals moving in different ways
In the mean time, you can control the speed of time with the speed of your finger.

It can be said that, your movement will control the flow of time in this game
It also affects your gunfire and the movement of your enemies moving at the same pace that you are moving at, in which it is whether slow or fast or stopped completely.

At the same time, you will have to collect new characters, unlock and load up on power-ups then beat tougher enemies and bosses in each level.

Every time, you move the environment surrounding you will move at whatever pace you are moving at
But, the wall at the bottom of the level will not be affected by your move.
Instead, that wall will come at you at a steady speed and it may swallow you up if you do not move fast

Coins seem to the premium currency that you can use to unlock some power ups
In accordance with this, green enemies will grant you coins
And, blue enemies will give you a power-up
For such reasons, prioritize to target them if you see them.

In this game, every single power up will add some extra firepower to your gun
Therefore, make sure to collect them to shoot with big streams of bullets and massive amounts of range.

On the other side, you may deal with the bosses, whereby they may need some hits to beat.
Just keep shooting them a number of times
In the mean time, you may get around and shoot them back when they come back around
Always do this to defeat them.

Once collecting coins, make sure to get power-ups early on the game
Be sure to get other goodies such as extra gun power-ups when you are about to go for a mission
Every time, you start a level, you will notice that a free coin box to pop up
In order to get more free coins, all you will do is to watch the ad video from the developer
Later on, just do this to gather up a lot of coins for free

When dealing with enemies in the game, it will be better to clear out some enemies ahead of you
You can do this by moving forward and backward in a shaky rapid motion
Or, you can also shoot a huge amount of bullets at at time
Always stay alert of enemies coming from the sides


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