Collect More Coins to Get Elite Pack Bundle in Battle Decks iPhone

Chillingo has launched Battle Decks as a new card battling game on the apple store where you will have to build your deck from advanced and near-future style unit cards and compete with real opponents in PvP mode

battle decks walkthrough ios android

This game seems to present a new mechanics where you will see a hexagonal board and a nearly unlimited amount of ways to plan your move.
Your main objective here is to destroy the enemy’s base while protecting your own base from getting attacked by other opponents.

When being in the battle, it will start off slowly, where you and your opponents will place the cards on the table
At that moment, you have to try to load your table up as much as you can
Be sure not to start moving your troops in quick ways.

Every time, you move your troop in a space, it will need one star.
In line with this, you must slowly get them surrounding your base first
Then, just try to let the enemy troops come to you so that you can surround and beat them at ease.

When you are about to invade the enemy`s base, be sure to take a strong card with at least five attack then you can do a ton of damage to your base.
Place the unit there, and it back, then add weapon cards to it to increase the attack power.

At this point, you can add whereabouts three weapons around that will provide the attack power to go up to 11.
Afterwards, you can then send it into attack the enemy base and perform a big amount of damage there.
At this point, if you have enough weapon cards, you can do this with two strong cards.

Once everything gets ready, you can try to take out the enemy’s cards first before you can start beating their base.

However, if you go in a quick time, your cards will get surrounded and taken out by the enemy’s cards
Besides, it will also make your base wide open to getting smoked by enemy.

To power up your base, you have to spend a lot of time on building your deck
Be sure to do this when you purchase new cards.

Meanwhile, you will get coins each time you battle with enemies
With these coins, you can get more packs of cards, including rare and powerful cards.

Moreover, if you have 1,000 coins, you will be able to purchase a new pack and you may get multiple packs such as bundle of elite pack from iap store


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