Collect More Candy and High Score in Run Bird Run iPhone

Run Bird Run! Don`t Touch The Spike Series developed by Ketchapp will get you to avoid all of the falling blocks for as long as you can then you will be rewarded with high score in each stage

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In the mean time, you will also have to collect candy, that is the currency of the game.
Along the game, you will get all kinds of birds and scenery in that you can purchase them with the candy that you have collected throughout the stages.

In line with this, you can purchase more birds, as well as more scenery in a store with the candy that you racked up in each stage.
Just tap the bird icon to purchase more birds, and tap the tree icon to purchase more scenery or to change to the winter scenery.

During the game play, make sure to look up toward the top of the screen, whereby before a block falls, a triangular caution sign will come up in the row where it is going to fall there.

Also, you have to watch the signs, and look at the top of the screen so that you will always see what will come next.
And, if you are looking at the bird at the bottom of the screen, your reaction time will be a bit slower.

On the other side, you should take the highest ground that you can and camp out on it until you are forced to move on the next side.

Anyway, it usually needs a lot more time to move from lower ground to higher ground than moving from higher ground to lower ground
At this point, moving to higher ground will almost be the best place to move on.
It is caused by after a block has dropped the next block almost never drops in the same space twice in a row.

Meanwhile, this game will come with ads while you are playing in each stage
So, if you want to get rid of ads without having to pay in the app store, you can try to put your phone or tablet into airplane mode, or you can turn off both the wifi and the packet data on your phone.

In addition, if you let that ads appear you will let the developer generate income
Thus, it is up to you to play with it or without it


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