Collect More Bills Coins for Cheese in Moneygrabber iPhone

Moneygrabber as an endless arcade game where you will let be a rich man.
All you will do in this game is to collect the money, the moolah, the bling, the cheese.

moneygrabber walkthrough ios android

On the other words, you will have the main job that is to grab the money as much as you can.
Here, your hand will pop up on the screen and the dollar bills will come up to be falling from the top which are supposed to be caught by you.
This money will come out in the form of Bills or coins

And, if you miss a single Dollar bill or Coin, it’s time for you to start a new game. Grab as much as you can

Along the stage, the number of Dollar bills you catch will be proportional to the number of points which you earn.
This game will also tell you to pick the money and spend it wisely by purchasing the yummy cheese.

Besides purchasing yummy cheese, you can also spend your money on a Ronex watch or the Feralli sports car as well as customizing your character with status symbols.

When playing this game, you should master your Timing.
Always remember not to risk your life and try to get the x2 in that this will not disappear
So try to take your time to catch the x2 and be safe at the same time while getting some more coins will still be your top priority.

Later on, you must survive in long period so that you can earn money but you will encounter the difficulty level as well.

In each stage, every tap will direct your hands to go to the right.
If you do not grab anything when it reaches at the edge, it will go back to the starting position.
If you can grab something, the hand movement will pause at a half second then it will go to its starting position.

For further, when seeing rocks to the right, they are there for breaking so be sure release the falling diamond or gem.
Here, the diamond will be worth $50 so break through the diamonds in the rough whenever you get the chance to do so.

Also, you will be helped with the multiplier where this can be used to clear the screen.
At this point, springing from the bottom of the screen is the all-powerful multiplier bonus that will double your current score.

This also collects all the other falling objects so you may be bailed out of a jam when there are other falling items that you cannot reach.

In addition, you will not only catch coins and dollar bills when shooting your arm out to the right
But, you can try catching some items on the way back when your arm slings left.
The main point here is to learn how to time grabs while your arm is coming back left is as advanced as it gets
Moreover, mastering this technique will allow you to unlock some real good stuff.


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