Collect Ice Diamonds to Unlock New Character in Learn 2 Fly iPhone

Learn 2 Fly is the product of Energetic Holdings Limited which can be said as a new endless flying game in cartoon-style for the ios and android platforms

learn 2 fly walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be assigned to guide a penguin to fly as far as possible with different gliders, balloons, propellers and other funny accessories.
To make it fly, you must accelerate it down the hill, launch it, and angle it to go as far as you can

Each time, you have a successful flight, you will get rewards in form of coins and diamonds which will be useful to spend on icy upgrades
Also, you can get additional cash by completing achievements on each level.

To play this game, just tap with two fingers to make the accelerometer go all the way to max.
During your action, the various gliders and rockets will all have different properties.

Once launching the penguin, just tilt your glider forwards or backwards that you can do by tilting your phone

In line with this, tilting the phone back all the way or forward all the way and hold it there will make you do some flips and other cool tricks on the air.

Each time, you do some cool tricks, you will get coins
To get more coins, just make sure to complete various quests.
When being on the air, make sure to control the direction of tilt without flipping, which will allow you to go a very high height instead of a long distance.
Plus, it will will earn you coins as bonus.

When guiding your character, your rockets will have a certain amount of fuel.
Always consider to use it wisely by not using all of your rocket boost at once
In accordance with this, try tapping the screen and slowly letting your fuel out.
Make sure to do this while tilted so that you can go a very long distance

At the same time, you can use the boosts and the momentum to launch your character in an absolutely crazy distance.

As usual, this game features gold coins and diamonds as the main currencies that you can get in any other ways
In order to get more coins, you can merely try to complete quests

If you can go through some certain missions, you will be rewarded with diamonds
Anyway, if you want to get more diamonds for free, just go to the IAP menu, then tap the free button to make a video pop up.
Afterward, you can then watch the promotional video to get three diamonds freely

These coins and diamonds will really be useful to purchase better equipment and unlock new achievements.

If you have enough coins and diamonds, do not use them on any of the boosts
And, do not use diamonds to revive
Otherwise, use them to purchase better items.
In addition, keep flying and complete the missions to grind for gold coins and diamonds


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