Collect High Points for Platinum Medals in Swing Copters 2 iPhone

Swing Copters 2 developed by .GEARS, which is the studio run by Dong Nguyen, the person behind the most popular endless flying game, Flappy Bird has now come out to the apple store.

swing copters 2 walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to guide your pilot to go through obstacles while getting many points and recruiting more pilots to your team.

To play this game comfortably, try to tap with two thumbs instead of one.
When you guide your pilot to move right, just tap with your left thumb and you will turn it left in the next tap
In line with this, you then coordinate your body with the direction that you are turning your copter.

Always watch rebar and try to steer around then overlook the hammers since they swing back and forth.
To go through them, you must move yourself in between the hammers while focusing on the green rebar and moving right through it.

This game will also assign you to get different medals used to unlock new characters.
And, these medals will be determined how much points you will get during the game

If you earn 10 points, you will get a bronze medal
Getting 20 points will give you a silver medal
And, if you can get 30 points, you will get gold medals
Later on, earning 40 points will give you a platinum medal.

Thus, you will unlock character by getting specific amounts of each color medal
Or, you can unlock them by earning a specific amount of total points

Each time you gain points, it will be ranked in vertical speed, horizontal speed, and general ease of control.
If you have higher ease of control stat, they tend to change direction more smoothly when you tap.

On the other side, you are allowed to with characters even with inferior stats at first
Early on the game, you can play with Leo da Spini, which appears to have bad stats at first
When playing with him, he is actually VERY easy to control, since he moves slowly and reverses direction abruptly when you tap.

If you play with Fabi Crasher, he has high speed, and you can earn a high score with him.
Besides, if you can control him better, you can get high points which will guide you to gain gold or platinum medals in the game to recruit the other pilots such as Franki Mindless, Simply Bad, Momo the Kid, Leo Da Spini, Copta McEgg, Pinki Jolie, Spinkimaru and Lil’ Birdy
Thus, the more high pilots you get, the more points and medals you will get


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