Collect Gundanium in Star Hearts Android

Star Hearts from G Generation is all about robots, the most competitive instance fighting among robots that you can play on the android device

star hearts walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will be assigned to collect energy cubes which will be useful to enhance ms
To get energy cubes, you can get them from normal instance and elite instance
Besides, resetting MSes can refund energy cubes

In normal instance, you will get a chance to drop part shards
You can also use fame to trade for parts in the arena

And, in the Junkyard’s Alloy Shop, you can then use gundanium to exchange madif sources
In order to get gundanium, you can use item exchange at Alloy Shop
Then, if the junkyard, dismember surplus ms for gundanium.

In the way of getting refine source, you can refine equipment in the junkyard, in which dismember surplus MS for refine equipment.

You can also get energy matter in normal and elite instances which will be useful for latency development

Later on, you can also get fame which is used for item exchanged in arena
To get fame, all you will do is to join granzon`s ambition in the game


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